About Us

Lon and Leanne welcome you to our home!


Lon works for the Bering Strait School District and splits his time between Anchorage and a small village of 500 people in remote western Alaska.  If you're lucky enough to stay with us during summer months or the odd winter weekend when he's in town, you'll get a treat because he cooks amazing breakfasts (and sometimes lunches and dinners too!).  He has a wealth of experience in a number of fields, having worked in several different career fields before deciding to become a bush teacher.  Much of the furniture around the house, as well as several renovations, are his personal handiwork.


Leanne was born and raised in Anchorage and lives here year round.  Sadly, she's not much of a cook so breakfasts are a self-serve affair when she's home alone, but don't worry, we've got a full kitchen available for your use and she'll stock it with whatever you need!

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